Thursday, July 08, 2010

Out with the old

What a wirlwind of a day it's been. Our drywall in the living room was patched up yesterday, Koa and I moved out all the furniture in the living room, and the carpet was yanked out today. It is AMAZING to see the transformation in the living room already.

A thin layer of new concrete was laid on the slab to give it a perfectly smooth surface. The flooring goes in tomorrow. I am so excited. But also nervous about entertaining the kids. Today was quite a challenge since it was rainy and we were stuck in one part of the house for the whole day. In fact, it was so tiring that I fell asleep with all of them at 7:30pm and just woke up at 10:30 for a snack and am about ready to go back to sleep. I know I'll need the energy tomorrow!

We are waiting for Peter's MCC transcripts to arrive. Once they do he can go register for classes at Austin CC. RN nursing program... here he comes! Well hopefully he can get in for the Fall 2011 RN program. He has a few prerequisites he needs to take. But goodness this will be so good for our family. It's the start of new... new floor, new career. YESSSS!!!!

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